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Case Study on Cambridge Analytica embezzling on Facebook users data

Cambridge Analytica is a London, UK–based federal, data analytics, promoting, and consulting firm, which was involved in illegally sourcing Facebook data and utilized it to determine a variation of federal crusades. These crusades constitute those of American Senator Ted Cruz and likewise of Donald Trump as well as the Leave-EU Brexit campaign, occurred in the United Kingdom’s resignation from the EU. Cambridge Analytica has offices in London, New York, and Washington DC.

The Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal was a major disgrac

Cyber Laws and their role in the jurisdiction

Cyberlaw is the term which deals with the concerns allied to the wireless networking, communication technology, technological and automated components including hardware, software, workstation, and intelligence systems. Cyberlaw recognizes standards of admissible behavior for information and communication technology (ICT) users, organizes socio-legal consents for cybercrime, and safeguards ICT users. Mitigates and anticipates harm to an individual's data, systems, services, and infrastructure. In particular, it preserves human rights, enables t

What does the slang word bot mean?

Bots are networks affected by malicious programs that let them act against the user's intentions. Bots associate and receive commands from the “bot herders” who can build distributed networks of bots, or botnets, to remit organized attacks. Botnets have intensified the stand of viruses propelling attacks on the click fraud, keylogging, spam, denial of service, phishing, key cracking, and copyright infringements. Botnets can be an efficient malware injecting platform in a way that a new virus is transmitted out hastily by several bots. Such